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A Few Simple But Important Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

Keeping your commercial refrigerator in good shape often includes just a little bit of maintenance on your part; this can mean avoiding unnecessary repairs and prolonging the life of the unit. Very often the things you need to do to keep your commercial refrigerator in good repair are not complicated, and some simple and affordable fixes can save you money on those big fixes down the road. Note a few tips for keeping your commercial unit in good repair and functioning optimally.

Blow out the drain line

Underneath the condenser coils or in the back of your commercial refrigerator there will be a drain line that empties condensation from the unit. This line can often get blocked by dust, dirt, and other debris. A maintenance person can blow it out regularly but you can do the same by using compressed air meant for computer keyboards; these are available at any computer supply store. A computer keyboard cleaner is a small canister with a tiny tube that blows a bit of concentrated air out the tube; you can aim it up the drain line to help clear any dust or debris that may be collecting near the bottom of the line. This will keep it from backing up and allowing the inside of the unit to hold moisture and condensation on the motor.

Check the gaskets

If the gaskets on the door to your commercial unit are loose, cracked, or otherwise in poor repair, this will mean your unit needs to work harder to keep the interior cool. You can check the gaskets by simply opening the door to the unit and pulling on the rubber seal just slightly. If it comes away from the door or seems brittle or shrunken in any areas, consider having it replaced or using a metal epoxy to glue it back down where needed.

Wipe down the condenser coils 

You may use a vacuum cleaner hose to vacuum around the condenser coils regularly, but this may not be enough to remove dust and dirt from those coils. It's important that you go at them with a damp, soft rag on a regular basis. This will pick up dust that is clinging to the coils and causing heat buildup which, in turn, will make the motor of your unit work harder. This also gives you a chance to see if the coils are cracked in any area and need repair or replacing.