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Commercial Fridges and Freezers

Selecting the right refrigeration and freezing products may be something that we take for granted. As long as it does its job that's all you need to consider right? Wrong! When it comes to researching and making a final decision about what best suits you and your business, there are a few important factors to consider. To run a successful restaurant, hotel, cafe, requires careful thought and consideration. 


The size of the refrigeration is important simply because you'll need to be able to house and keep all the food that your business will store. Too small and you could find yourself struggling to keep up with food processing demands because you simply don't have the same, too big and suddenly your electricity bills are skyrocketing because your storage is just too much for your application.

There are a wide range of models and styles available including the following:

  • Service counters
  • Refrigerated multi-decks
  • Semi-verticals
  • Wall-sited cases and islands
  • Vertical freezers
  • Plug-in cabinets and refrigeration systems and controls

Selecting a cabinet will also depend on the type of food that needs to be stored how. Whether the food being stored is to be chilled or frozen will also greatly impact the type of refrigeration or freezer unit needed. Once these are defined the type of cabinet selected is dependent on how food will be merchandised, availability of the unit as well as energy consumption. For cooling and display cabinets, hygiene features such as energy consumption, flexibility, cabin hygiene and safety should all be considered. 

Check the COP

COP stands for coefficient of performance and is a method of comparing the efficiency of refrigeration systems. The size and energy efficiency combined will determine the amount of energy used to run the unit as well as the energy bills and how much the business will have to pay. 

There are two types of condensers when it comes to refrigeration, air cooled and water cooled. Each has its own benefits and depending on the application, may or may not be a suitable fit for your business. The condenser works to reject all the heat absorbed by the refrigeration system meaning that is important to calculate how much this will be before purchasing a unit.

Temperature controls will also have an effect in this area as well in energy consumption as a lower temperature may require more energy and should therefore be taken into consideration, however having multiple options for temperature will ensure that the food you are storing is always going to be stored safety to keep it fresh and edible.