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Identifying 2 Common Electrical Oven Repair Problems

When an electrical oven breaks down, typically the problem is the fault of either of the coils inside the oven. The coil at the bottom of the oven is called the baking coil, and the coil at the top is the broiling coil. Some homeowners may not realize that the top, broiling coil is used even for baking and cooking, and not just for broiling. If either of these coils are broken or malfunctioning, your oven then won't work as it should no matter its setting.

These coils are relatively simple enough to replace on your own; you can simply unscrew the brackets holding them in place and slide them out of the rear receptacle, and then slide in a new coil, usually available from the oven's manufacturer.

Note how to tell if either of these coils is malfunctioning without having to actually get close to them and test their heat, so you can replace them and get your oven working again.

1. Oven slightly warm but not heating enough

When you use your oven for baking, meaning you haven't set it to broil, the bottom coil will provide the majority of the heat inside the oven. When the oven seems just slightly warm but not hot enough for cooking, this is usually the fault of the bottom, baking coil not working. If there is any type of damage to this coil, it will shut off and not get hot or not get hot enough for cooking. This can include very minor cracks or breaks which you might not see until you're very close to the coil, and which are often caused by food spills. When food spills on the coil and you don't clean it off, this food can then hold heat right on the coil's surface; in turn, it may crack. You can remove the bottom coil and inspect it for built-up food and resultant cracks so you know this part needs replacing.

2.  Very warm but uneven heating and burnt foods

If the inside of the oven seems very warm but you know it's not as hot as the temperature to which you've set it, and your food always seems to burn on the bottom, this is usually the fault of the top, broiling coil. If the bottom, baking coil is red and glowing, you know it's working and that you probably need to replace the top coil. This is so that your oven can provide consistent, even heating. Without this top broiling coil working, your oven may have more heat on the bottom and you may see your foods burn in the pan.